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3 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Website

  • 08 Nov
Click! Someone just clicked the link you placed on your social media and landed on your website. One of two things usually happens, they love it and continue reading or they become annoyed, hate it and leave.  But why is that? Whether you’re a big or small brand, having a website is ess...
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A Beginner-Friendly Guide to SEO

  • 23 Sep
A Beginner-Friendly Guide to SEO Frequently asked questions Do you also get a little overwhelmed when you hear about SEO?  We totally understand. It can be a lot to digest.  This beginner’s guide will help you get the hang of it. We’ll explain what SEO is, the different typ...
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Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces: Where Will You Be Heard?

  • 23 Jul
As the digital revolution continues, new social media platforms have been popping up left, right and centre. Many platforms fade into obscurity, but one platform has recently been creating a buzz, and it’s called Clubhouse.  Clubhouse is considered a “drop-in audio chat” platform that ...
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Ransomware Is Skyrocketing and You Might Be at Risk

  • 16 Jun
There has been a global surge in ransomware attacks since 2021, with a 102% increase compared to the beginning of 2020. Highly organised groups are launching these cyberattacks, and the potential damage and crises that emerge as a result can be very devastating.  Ransomware is a type of mali...
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What to Look for When Hiring a Marketing Agency

  • 30 Apr
Deciding whether to do marketing in-house or hire a marketing team is a tough decision.  An even tougher decision is deciding which marketing agency to choose.  There are countless agencies in the industry, both local and international, that you could hire, especially as remote work ...
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Think a Breach Like JAMCOVID Couldn't Affect You?

  • 01 Apr
If you have been keeping abreast of recent developments in the news, you may have heard about the recent security breach of the JAMCOVID website.  For those who may be unfamiliar, here’s a quick synopsis: The JAMCOVID app and website were developed by the Amber Group to process travel a...
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Why Being Cheap Could Be Costing You More

  • 05 Feb
Sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  Well, not really.  If you hear a slight rattling in your car, would you just turn your radio up to drown out the sound? Or maybe try to fix it on your own? Sounds like an easy and cheap fix, but what happens when the rattling grows louder, or y...
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Online Advertising: Are You In the Know?

  • 06 Dec
For most business endeavors, advertising is a major component. Online advertising is one of the most effective ways businesses may expand their reach. Through online ads, businesses are able to find new customers and diversify their revenue streams. While traditional advertising is still being used ...
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Social Proof: The Market Magnet

  • 20 Nov
Our previous post “Social Proof: The Breakdown” was just the introductory phase. Have you hopped aboard the social proof train? If you weren’t quite convinced, we are about to open the books and tell you why social proof is an unsung marketing hero.   Let’s start by sharing a fun...
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Social Proof: The Breakdown

  • 15 Nov
With social proof, it is often a matter of influencer or influenced.   Have you ever asked a friend for advice on the best restaurant in town? Or maybe you’ve taken your favorite YouTuber’s word on what products work best. Whether you’ve done one or the other, you have been a willi...
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