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Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

Email marketing is a thing of the past. Welcome to the future, where we use marketing automation to build deeper more intelligent connections with customers and prospective customers. Gone are the days of mindless one-to-many email blasts. Marketing messages now need to be tailored to a specific audience based on their browsing behaviour and interests.

Personalise your customers' journeys to build a more intelligent, meaningful connection with each of them through:

  • Intelligent data capture
  • Automated messages and ad delivery

We tag and ‘follow' members of your target audience who have expressed interest in a particular product/service, and trigger ads specific to the product/service they've expressed interest in. Marketing Automation changes the way we work and allows smaller companies to achieve "large company" results.

  • Target leads who really want to buy what you're selling.
  • Capture and store data about your leads' browsing/shopping habits.
  • Identify and "follow" leads and customers with highly relevant ads around the web.
  • Leverage data collected to nurture customers, shorten sales cycles, promote up-sells, and grow your business.

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