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Website Development and Hosting

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Website Development and Hosting

Your website is the face of your company. You have less than 3 seconds to ‘wow’ each visitor when they get to your website. If your website is unappealing, overwhelming and does not present a clear call to action, then you can be sure that you’re losing valuable opportunities to grow your business. A clean, professional design that entices each visitor is a necessity if you expect to get results from your website. Lucralux Marketing specializes in delivering effective websites that make the right impressions.

We use industry-standard web development/programming languages and databases depending on the requirements of our client's hosting environment. We also promote the use of open source software where ever possible. These include ASP, PHP, HTML, and MySQL. This allows us to provided a path for possible integration with the web and existing business processes that may currently be in use by the client.

Whereas many of our competitors offer this as a separate service, we offer basic search engine optimization (SEO) services for FREE with any web design project. Our search engine optimization techniques have lasting effects with no chance of interfering with a search engine's true goal of providing relevant results to its users. Recognizing that recent studies have revealed that over 70% of web traffic utilizes Google or Google-powered search engines, LucraLux Marketing uses Google as our benchmark for all basic website search engine optimization.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile device usage for browsing the web has been growing steadily for the past few years and is on track to surpass desktop usage this year. Smartphones today have large touch screens, nice user interfaces, and are highly optimized for browsing the web. If your website does not display or function well on mobile devices, you are losing visitors, and by extension, losing revenue. Let us develop a mobile-ready responsive website for you today. Get in touch with us for a quote.

Website & Email Hosting

LucraLux understands the importance of where and how a website is hosted and supported. Even the best looking and most effectively marketed website can be completely crippled by poor website hosting. We see it everyday as website hosting continues to be one of the most overlooked costs / services for websites large and small.

Is Your Website Being Properly Hosted?

The website hosting provider you choose really could make or break your business. Excessive outages, slow load times and security breaches are just a few of the many things that can bring your website and your business to its knees. Many business owners have been flooded with cheap hosting solutions that make website hosting seem like a secondary priority. The truth is that where and how your website is hosted and supported is crucial to its success online.

How Can LucraLux Marketing Help You with Website Hosting?

We have a different philosophy about website hosting than most companies – especially ones that will entice you with low monthly fees (e.g. $5/mo) to host your website. We know how important website hosting is for conversion, for SEO and for overall user experience. This is why website hosting is much more to us than just where your site is hosted. We consider hosting to include the proper oversight, maintenance, security check ups, plugin updates, daily backups and technical support to keep your site running as optimally as possible.

Our team provides more than just hosting. We provide a full service approach to keeping your website running smoothly and safely. In that process we like to educate our customers on everything we do so they understand that it’s really website management….not just hosting.

Ask us how we can improve your website’s performance with our full service website hosting offering.


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