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What Not to Share

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What Not to Share

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  • 07 Nov

In the business world collaboration, contribution and trust are important. We create collaborative relationships based on trust to produce results that may be easily amplified. It is important to share valuable information in order to gain more valuable information; so a cycle begins and is maintained. However, not all intel is meant to be divulged and one must carefully decide what needs to be kept secret and what is of share value.

We’re about to let you in on our list of don’ts. Seriously, by all means:


  • Don’t share passwords

Though it may seem like a good idea to share your login information just incase you ever forget, it isn’t. Workplace practices such as leaving a password on a sticky note so that a co-worker may log in to an account in case of an emergency or sharing passwords in order to delegate tasks could easily be dubbed as well-intentioned substantial security threats to any businesses. Utilize software applications (our favourite is LastPass) that are developed to save and encrypt your login credentials to significantly decrease the risk of a breach.


  • Don’t share e-mail lists

If you actually have a good email list, you’re going to want to keep it to yourself.  Especially if you’d like to avoid a fine or jail time. Yup! E-mail list sharing is illegal unless permission is explicitly granted by each e-mail account holder, and do you really want to contribute to the amount of spam that’s already out there in the world? We didn’t think so.


  • Don’t share others’ content without credit or permission

There will always be instances where someone posts a really engaging picture or video and you’ll be compelled to upload on your own platform. In cases like these it’s always best to remember that copyright law applies to intellectual property shared as social media posts, the same way it does to the usage and distribution of music or movies. To ensure you will not  be infringing upon anyone’s copyright, be sure to get permission from the original author/creator before sharing, and give them credit in your post.


The secret to success is knowing what to make public and remains in your arsenal. Be sure to be on high alert for our next blog post!

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