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Email Marketing: A Key Strategy For Repeat Customers

Email Marketing: A Key Strategy For Repeat Customers

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  • 16 Jun

Email marketing is an excellent way to maintain relationships with customers. Think of email marketing as an opportunity to not only connect with your customers, but a chance to subtly promote your products/services.

It should be the aim of businesses try to convert visitors to their website into customers, but many times their conversion rate is very low. To better engage web visitors and get them added to your email list, offer an incentive such as an ebook, or discount code for a product, etc.

People tend to be more willing to sign up for an ebook than to spend on a product/service if they aren’t quite familiar with a brand/business. Once they have opted in, continue to provide them with relevant content whether in the form of a newsletter, knowledge about your industry or best practices, etc.

This presents the opportunity for you to build a relationship and trust with them. After you’ve built a level of trust with them, selling your products and services will be a lot easier. People will be more likely to spend with you, now that they know who you are and what you have to offer.

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