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The Secret to Becoming an Effective Learner

The Secret to Becoming an Effective Learner

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  • 01 May
To stop learning is to stop improving. :) 
Whether you’re still in school or a recent graduate, it’s important to recognise that learning is a never-ending process. Regardless of your stage in your career and in life, you will constantly be put in situations where you have to acquire new knowledge and put it to practice. 
To be successful though, one of the tricks in life is to learn how to be an effective learner. One of the best ways to achieve this is to embrace discomfort! Challenge yourself. People tend to stick to what’s easiest for them and what they think they’re good at. The problem with that is you will become complacent and comfortable, missing out on opportunities to step out of your zone to really challenge yourself and learn new techniques. 
Just think about the good ole school days: I often found that the specific area of study that challenged me the most was the one I eventually excelled at, and learned the most from. 
Simply put, the harder the challenge, the more effective the learning. :) 

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