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Employee Advocacy - Your Social Media Asset

Employee Advocacy - Your Social Media Asset

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  • 26 Apr
One of the biggest mistakes you can make for your brand/business is to view your employees as just “the people who work for the company”. Believe it or not, your employees are one of your biggest marketing assets, and with the rise of social media, that asset just got even bigger! :) 
Employee advocacy is essentially the exposure that employees generate for brands/businesses. A simple and effective way of looking at it is: your employees are influencers within their own circles online. They can become your brand ambassadors who help attract and retain new customers, increase customer trust and bring awareness to your brand/business, all with just a swipe or a click! 
The benefits your business/brand will gain from employee advocacy are clear. However, this raises the question: How will your employees benefit? Find out what motivates your employees, and set up various rewards/incentives to further encourage their advocacy online. Another way to incentivise an employee advocacy programme is to make a friendly competition out of it! :) Set up leaderboards so employees can see where they rank. 
Implementing an employee advocacy programme and having dedicated employee advocates can mean the difference between a good company and a truly great one! :) 

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