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How To Get Started With Content Marketing

How To Get Started With Content Marketing

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  • 24 Mar
Creating content is not an easy task! Trust us, we understand this all too well. However, when done properly, the success of your content marketing efforts can pay off big time. 
Here are some fundamental questions you need to answer when creating a content marketing strategy for your business: Why, Who, Where, When, What/How? 
This is the formula for success! 
Before you start any marketing initiative, think about the reason driving it. Defining your “why” must always be the first step. 
Why do you want to do this?  
Your objectives must be clear, as they will dictate how you proceed. 
Defining your target audience is an integral step in this process. Drill down to create your ideal target persona. 
The more information you have about this person, the more targeted and relevant your communication will be to this person. 
This depends primarily on your target audience’s preference. If the majority of your audience is on Facebook, then that’s where you need to start. Ultimately though, you want to have your audience on a platform that you own (your website and your email list), but you have to start with where they’re consuming content now.
Once you’ve figured out who you’ll be marketing to, the next step is to determine the best time (day or night) to reach them. You wouldn’t want to be marketing to your audience at a time when they’re not there to receive your messages, would you? If they’re not there to receive your messages, your efforts will be futile. 
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million! Video content is king, but the other forms of content still have their place. Sometimes, your audience just wants to see a picture for a second, then move on. To gain a better understanding of what will work best, you will have to constantly test, then measure/analyse. 
If your business is already employing these strategies, then you’re on the right track! Continue to measure, analyse and adjust accordingly. Continuous testing is a critical component of your content marketing strategy that will ensure success. 
Finally, be patient! During the infant stages of a brand/entity’s digital media life, it may seem like the engagement will never happen. However, keep in mind that every single account on every platform started with zero users. :) 

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