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Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Lacking This Key Element?

Do you want to reach more customers and make more sales? Well guess what, you’re in the right place!f you’ve never heard of the term ‘Marketing Automation’ before, it is the use of software to monitor and self-regulate processes such as campaign management, customer data integration, and customer segmentation. 
Three ways in which Marketing Automation can be beneficial for your business are:
Personalizing your marketing campaigns 
The ability to let each customer feel like you are catering to their needs can have a significant impact. Now we’re not talking about addressing each customer by name, but the option to provide relevant and timely messages to address their needs, will help to build engagement and loyalty. Your customers won’t have to waste time going through messages that don’t interest them. 
Improve lead nurturing and conversions
Many businesses encounter problems trying to connect with leads and turn them into customers. Often times, your website may get a lot of visitors, but only a few engage with your content leading to purchase. Marketing automation helps to reduce this by targeting and tracking each lead, and making a connection with each lead who signs up or downloads on your website.
Automate tasks
If you spend the time to setup your automated process thoroughly, you will be able to reach more leads than before. This saves your staff time, while many tasks such as appointment reminders, birthday messages, promotional emails, social media management etc., can be automated. By automating these communications, you will reduce your workload and the time spent sending messages over multiple communication channels.
Every marketing automation solution is different. You may have to try several solutions before you find the one that is ideal for your business. If you’d rather focus on your business, and have an experienced agency handle setup and this for you, feel free to get in touch with us here