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Make Your Brand Great... Again! :)

Today, it takes the average viewer just three to five seconds to form a first impression of your business online. If you don’t grab the attention of the viewer at first glance, chances are you have lost out on a potential customer. Building your brand online requires your brand messages and content to be consistent. Your brand should not let customers feel as if they are only purchasing a product or service, but that they are able to connect with a particular attribute or promise that makes them feel good.


Maintain brand consistency

Consistent aesthetics will help to build brand recognition and awareness. Your brand voice and visuals should complement each other. If your visuals have a hard, rustic feel and your copy has a soft, wacky tone, you will most likely confuse (and not attract) your desired target audience. Brand consistency needs to be universal across your website, social media posts, ads, and any of your other online (and offline) properties.


Leverage the power of video content

More and more users across the internet are interacting and engaging with video content. Focus on developing creative content that will resonate with your target audience. If your videos are engaging, viewers will be willing to share it with others. This leads to increased brand awareness, and the opportunity for potential customers to visit your website and spend a longer time interacting with your brand.


Evaluate and Adapt

Customers’ responses change over time and as such, you need to constantly evaluate what’s working and what’s not for your business.


Branding is a key element that businesses, large or small should spend quality time to develop.